Monday, September 5, 2016

Curriculum Update

Dear parents, within this 3rd grade classroom I strive to create an atmosphere of empowerment, continuously refining my teaching methods for educating and challenging students. Throughout the year this blog is where you will find the academic happenings. 

We began our lessons talking about responding to God's word with our heads, hearts, and hands. We talked about God's word being a light to our path and how Jesus is the light of the world.

This week students learn about their first hero of faith, God. He is the ONE who made us, loves us, and wants a relationship with us. What a blessing it is to partner with you in telling these stories found in the living word! Our first Bible Memory is coming home this week and is due September 16th. We will be learning the Old Testament Books of the Bible. Look for a sheet to come home so you can practice.

Here is a link to the video we will use in class. I find song helps kids remember these much better. 
Remember we are practicing in class too.

Language Arts

During reading workshop, we are focusing on building good habits. We are learning the procedures for participating in our new learning community. My role this week is to help your child build stamina as he/she strives to be an expert reader.

Here is the class practicing their expert reader skills. They were able to stick to the behaviors they said were expert-like for 10 minutes and 14 seconds today. I was impressed so much, they all earned $10 in 'captain's cash.' No other 3rd grade class of mine made it this long in the past. You can tell there is a culture of good reading habits here at HCS!

These are some students who had or did not have expert reading skills. We sorted their behaviors so we could identify what we needed to do.

Here is what we think is important during reading workshop time. Our list will continue to build as we practice. 

Our first practice lasted 2 minutes 31seconds. Our second practice was 1 minute 30 second, and our third practice was 10 minutes 14 seconds. We will keep working on building stamina all month. Our goal for the end of September is 35-40 minutes. Mrs.Koetje needs a longer ladder after teaching 1st grade :)

Our writing workshop has begun with summer memories. I can already tell this room is full of authors. We will begin the routines of workshop and recall everything we know about being good authors. We will begin with personal narratives. 

In word work/spelling, your child will be reviewing some long vowel patterns this week. 


This week students will be taking our Delta math screening test which allows teachers and support staff to catch students who cannot remember how to do skills from the previous year that builds on the current year. I use a workshop model in class which provides small group instruction. I will be working closely with support staff during this hour as well. The group placements are flexible and fluid. 

Our first unit in 3rd grade Math begins with repeated addition, and learning how to use strategies for multiplication. This is exciting stuff for third graders. 


We are studying the earth and how humans interact with the earth. We will be covering natural (God-made) resources and human (man-made) resources. Then we will describe how humans interact with these resources.

Learning Targets
These are managable goals for the week written in kid friendly language that are listed in our classroom.

Specials for the week
Tuesday-#4: Spanish/P.E.
Wednesday-#1: Music
Thursday-#2: Spanish/P.E.

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