Sunday, September 11, 2016

Curriculum Update

How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth. ~ Psalm 119:103

As we dive into God’s word this week, I want your child to know that God’s word is sweet. We will taste some honey and begin to understand what David meant when he wrote this verse in Psalms.

This week our stories come from Genesis: creation, fall of sin, the flood.

Language Arts

During reading workshop, we have been building reading stamina. We made it to 24 minutes 51 seconds. This week student’s will receive their reader’s notebooks. In this notebook, they will reflect and record a majority of their reading work. Our goals for the week include:
·      Choose just-right books
·      Pick up or reading pace
·      Creating a realistic reading goal
·      Picturing the story in our minds

Our writing workshop the routines of writing workshop are happening! This week we will be selecting a small moment, using ipads to retell our small moments, and mapping our moments onto a timeline.

In word work/spelling, we are reviewing our core words together and practicing short vowel sounds. We will have our Unit 1 spelling assignment on Wednesday this week.

Core Words: along, while, might, next, sound.
Skill: Short vowel words

Homework: A “Dear Parent” letter will be in your child’s folder Tuesday, however, this is optional to practice for the assessment. You may also choose to review the core words together.


We will continue multiplication and we will relate division to multiplication with an unknown factor. Learning multiplication and division facts should become practice at home. You will see that in this week’s homework assignment.

For example: 15/5= ? or ?x5= 15.

Homework: One of our focus points is on practicing the 5’s in multiplication. Use the homework sheet, apps, or flashcards to get to know these multiplication facts.

MATH DUEL (Mrs. Koetje’s Favorite arithmetic app link) That’s right it is my favorite link for arithmetic. This is because it allows you to differentiate. Each partner is racing time, but can work on different arithmetic levels or types. Check out the link to learn more!!!

We learned a lot last week about the Earth. We have identified natural resources, classified non-renewable and renewable resources, described ways humans are protecting the Earth. This week we will describe helpful or harmful effects of the humans on the environment, recognize Earth’s materials (rocks and minerals), and know that rocks are made of minerals. We will end our week with a field trip to the ROCK and MINERALShow in Holland!

Specials for the week
Monday-#4: Spanish/P.E. And Library
Tuesday-#1: Music
Wednesday-#2: Spanish/P.E.
Thursday-#3: Art

Friday-#4: Spanish/P.E.

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