Sunday, September 25, 2016

Curriculum Update

The moments we talk about the Word of the Lord continue to be such a special time in our day. What a gift it is to start each morning by being rooted in the word.

The Sunflower faces the light and so should we! As believers we are learning in class how important it is to always go to THE ONE! 3rd graders inspired me with their beautiful painted pieces of sunflowers that came back from art class. The next day, I just had to tell them how sunflowers worked and connect it to our faith. Maybe next time they see one or when they bring their piece of artwork home, they will be able to connect their what they see or their painted picture to the memory of this reminder from Psalm 105!


Nomad projects are underway and should be out in the hallway by mid-week. We will continue to discuss the nomadic life style this week. We will also focus on the three promises God made to Abram. By calling one person and one nation, God began to fulfill the promise He gave to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:15 - “And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your descendants and her Descendant. He will crush your head, and you will bruise His heel.” This verse provides the very first biblical glimpse of God’s plan of redemption, focusing ultimately upon the final thrusting of Satan into the eternal hell of fire (Rev. 20:10). ...God was preparing the time, the place, and the people to send our Rescuer.

Bible Memory- Due Friday!, New Testament Books, we are rehearsing in class! Practice at home too.

During reading workshop, we will continue to focus on good habits readers use to stay focused on reading. This week's goals are:

1   Figuring out unknown words
2   Sharing our books with a partner
3   Talking about books we have read
4   Retelling our stories

Our writing workshop we are learning how to write true stories based on our own experiences. One way you can help, is by rehearsing these moments in your child’s life. For example: My son made a paper airplane and tried flying it. I would rehearse this scene step by step, play around with fun words, and use some expressive voices with him. Great authors rehearse their stories!! This week we will:
  1. Understand what to do when we have writer’s block
  2. Relive our stories and draft them
  3. Check our stories for personal narrative structure
  4. Ask ourselves, “What is the heart of my story?”

In word work/spelling, remember core words are new spelling words. These are the 5 we focus on this week. 
  • Core Words: few, those, always, show, large
  • Skill: understanding the frequent spelling patters for LONG A.
  • Homework: NO TEST this week due to science test! Test is next week Tuesday, October 4th.


We continue to practice 2’s and 5s facts in class. We will be quizzing each other in class on these this week. We are wrapping up our first big idea on multiplication and division relationships.

Homework: NO HOMEWORK paper this week due to science project. Your child can always practice their 2s and 5s facts though!


This week we will review the concepts learned in our unit on Earth’s materials. I sent home a sheet explaining a homework assignment last week. Your child needs to look for information in two places and record his/her thoughts on the paper I sent home. Project are due next week.

On Thursday, we will start our next unit on Animals and their characteristics/adaptations. We focus on comparing vertebrates and invertebrates this week.

Homework: Earth's Changes Project (sent home last week, pink paper)

Specials for the week

Monday-#2 Spanish/P.E. and Library
Tuesday-#3: Art
Wednesday-#4 Spanish/P.E.
Thursday-#1: Music
Friday: Spanish/PE, **Cookie Day, $0.25**

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