Monday, October 3, 2016

Curriculum update

We are continuing on in our study of the life of Abraham.  By calling one person and one nation, God began to fulfill the promise He gave to Adam and Even in Genesis 3:15, the promise of a Redeemer! God was beginning to prepare the time, the people, and the place to send His Savior.  The children are learning about the promises God gave to Abraham and how these promises are fulfilled (great nation, bless him, make his name great, and to bless all the people on earth through him - pointing towards Jesus, who comes through Abraham's family line.)

Bible Memory-No new verse this week

During reading workshop, kids have been working diligently, growing their stamina during independent reading and also in partner reading time.  I'm continually impressed by their hard work!  This past week I began focusing my instruction on what readers should do when we get to a tricky part in our books.  The children are learning and practicing strategies to help them figure out tricky words. Now we will learning to understand characters in our books as we begin learning how to comprehend what we are reading through questions and paying attention to what our characters say and do. We will be reading the book, Because of Winn-Dixie as a class while continuing to read books we enjoy and applying our reading strategies.

Our writing workshop we have caught our ideas, placed them in our notebooks, and now we are drafting and crafting our personal narratives. Our important work this week includes:
1.     Rereading our stories and recognizing the crafting we have done (such as: adding dialogue, action, or description)
2.    Boxing 3 parts using 3 colors to recognize our beginning, middle, and end.
3.    Asking ourselves, “What is the most important part?”
4.    Creating paragraphs.  

In word work/spelling, we are wrapping up Unit 3. 

   Core Words: few, those, always, show, large
   Skill: understanding the frequent spelling patters for LONG A.
   Homework: Dear Parent letter is coming home Monday (optional)

 Unit 4 starts Wednesday
Core Words: often, together, asked, house, don't
Skill: the spelling patter /ou/


This week we are looking at 9’s and 10’s multiplication facts. We are representing story problems related to these facts using “Math Mountains.” Understanding the relationship between multiplication and division is certainly and important connection for your child to make; I will continue to direction instruction towards this concept as well!  

Homework: There is a home this week on 10’s. Look for the pink paper to come home Monday.


The beginning of our week will be spent presenting and hearing about Earth’ changes through individual projects that were made. These need to be turned in no later than Wednesday for full credit!

We will also continue our study on animals. We will review vertebrates vs invertebrates, describe habitats of organisms, and learn about marvelous mammals!

Specials for the week

Monday-#3: Art
Tuesday-#4: Spanish/P.E.
Wednesday-#1 Music
Thursday-#2: Spanish/P.E.

Friday: #3: Art

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