Sunday, October 30, 2016

Curriculum Update


We are studying The Patriarch's, Isaac and Jacob.  We've been talking a lot about birthrights and blessings this past week... That Jacob was tricky...  Perhaps you'll want to read through the stories we are working through - Genesis 24 - 35.

I was struck by how Jacob lied to Isaac, saying his name was ESAU, when he stole the blessing from his brother and deceived Isaac. The next time Jacob was asked his name was when he wrestled with God by the river before reuniting with his brother Esau... Jacob answered God, by saying his name was "Jacob" thus acknowledging, and confessing that he was tricky, sly, and deceptive. God then changed Jacob's name to Israel, which probably means "God preserves, God rules, and God protects." His new name did more than reflect a change in Jacob, it became the name of God's people.

...I'm thankful the Bible holds stories of changed hearts. God restores brokenness.  The kids are learning that God holds to His promises that He made to Abraham and keeps and fulfills His promises to His people.  I'm so grateful. He is good. The promises of salvation and eternal life extend to us as God's children! Amen!

These kids were brave enough to try lentil soup. They were trying to see if the trade between lentil soup and the birthright with Esau and Jacob was worth it. Most agreed it was good, but not good enough to give up the riches that would be passed down from Isaac.

  • Review Bible Memory is Due Nov 11- Psalm 100 comes home Monday. 

Reviewing distributive, communitive, and associative property, working on story problems, and 0,1,2,3,4,5,9, and 10’s facts. I will assess kids either Tuesday or Wednesday this week on Unit 1 for math. This is not something you need to study for with them.

  • Homework is 4’s facts and due on Friday

Spelling- Unit 6 is on Long Vowel E patterns

  • Core words include: until, form, keep, children, food
  • Homework: Dear Parent letter (optional)

Our Animal Book of Devotions written an illustrated by your very own child, will be sent into Student Treasures Publishing Company this week! These turned out cute and may make a great Christmas gift for grandparents or for your child. There will be another opportunity to purchase. I'm hoping to get our classroom body in by parent-teacher conferences for you to view. 

We are learning about animals and their habitats. Along with understanding what it means to be endangered vs. extinct. Then we are reviewing for test. Test is on Friday. Review sheet went home last Thursday. There will be a lap book you can use to review too. It will come home on Tuesday night.

We are learning about goal setting and each student will be taking a look at how they performed on assessments related to fluency, comprehension, accuracy of reading, and their response to reading in their reading notebooks. From their they will set a goal for themselves in the next 9 weeks to accomplish. These will be shared with you at conferences.

We are still reading Because of Winn-Dixie and learning how to create theories about the different characters we encounter.

  • Return October Reading Log on Tuesday (10% of grade)
  • New November Reading Log goes home Monday. 

Our essayists are busy working on brainstorming ideas. They are learning how to identify big ideas and find the evidence that goes with those big ideas from their observations, readings, and books shared in class. Do not be surprised if you hear the line, “I noticed…. It makes me think.” around home these days.

Specials this week

  • Monday- Music and Library
  • Tuesday- PE and Spanish
  • Wednesday- Art
  • Thursday- PE and Spanish
  • Friday- Music

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