Sunday, November 6, 2016

Academic Excellence and Faith Nurturing

Academic Excellence and Faith Nurturing

Our first quarter report card link will be sent home this week Friday by 4:00pm.   If you are not able to access the report card by computer or must have a hard copy, please call the elementary office at 669-6689.  If you experience problems or have questions about accessing this information through RenWeb, please contact Steve Schnyders at (elementary). 

As I have reflected on the abilities and growth of each child, I have felt a sense of joy. These third graders have begun well. It's rewarding to witness confidence and independent working skills begin to emerge from some of them! While others have learned how to share their knowledge, thinking, and be more careful with their work. Please keep in mind that we are in the midst of big shift in academics and social learning. Children are shifting from skill based learning to conceptual learning. This requires higher level thinking, organizing, and written responses. Children are shifting from seeing the world through just their perspective to learning how others perceive them. In summary, 3rd grade is a big year of growth in all aspects of life!

By now you should have received your conference times from a letter in the mail, these take place on Nov. 21 and 22. As I look forward to conferences in November, please consider the following questions in preparation for our time together. I treasure the moments we will have to discuss your precious third grader and value the partnership we hold.

Nurturing Hearts...
In what areas have you witnessed your child’s faith being nurtured? Is our school theme, The ONE, being played out in your child’s life?
Academic Excellence...
In what academic areas does your child feel successful?  What areas tend to be challenging?
Transforming the World for Christ...

Knowing that walking with the Lord happens in community, how is your child socially adjusting to school life? 

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