Sunday, November 6, 2016

Curriculum Update

We are wrapping up our Jacob Unit. There will be a Bible test on Wednesday, November 9. A study sheet went home Thursday (Nov. 3) Bible Memory is due Friday. 

  • Students may begin saying Bible memory today or they can opt for fill-in-the-blank on Friday. 
We are focusing on 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s for multiplication and division.

We are beginning our next unit. For the next couple of units, your child will be rotating to a new teacher during this time each day. Our classroom will be rotating to Mrs. Caryl’s classroom for the next unit on light and sound. While they are in Mrs. Caryl's classroom,  Mrs. Hoogaboom’s classroom will move into our seats to learn about animals!

Word Work- Unit 7 test is on Thursday, Nov. 10 this week. “Dear Parent” letter will be sent home Wednesday.

  • -        We are learning all about identifying and using pronounds
  • -       We are learning about oi/oy words too!

Reading- We are wrapping up our unit on “Understanding Characters.” We will finish our Because of Winn-Dixie Book. This week we will focus on developing theories and anyalizing decisions our characters have made. Then we will notice and reflect on how our characters have changed throughout the story.

Writing- Writing and food are always a good combination. This week we used “OREO” to remember how an essay is drafting this week.

  • -       O-Opinion is stated with the big idea
  • -       R- Reason is stated
  • -       E-Evidence is explained
  • -       O-opinion is restated.

Now that we understand how an essay is drafted, we will draft each part!

Monday- Library, Spanish, PE
Tuesday- Art
Wednesday- Spanish and PE
Thursday- Music
Friday- Spanish and PE

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