Saturday, January 28, 2017

Homework Log

Monday-Jan. 30

Math Review homework goes home.
New memory work for Bible starts today.
Finishing reading minutes in for January Book it. 

Tuesday-Jan. 31
Finishing reading minutes in for January Book it. 
Work on Bible Memory.
Turn in reading minutes for January

Wednesday-Feb. 1
Getting some more reading minutes in for February Book it. 
Work on Bible Memory.

Thursday- Feb. 2

Getting some more reading minutes in for February Book it. 
Dear parent Letter" goes home for Spelling (Optional homework)

Friday- Feb. 3

Math homework due
Return spelling homework if complete
Spelling test

Curriculum Update

Some Desert Diaries from the Wilderness

We begin our week learning about the 10 commandments. This will be our next Bible Memory too! We will take some time this week to discuss 1 Corinthians 13 since 3rd grade will be doing chapel this week.

Bible Memory: The 10 commandments- Due February 10.

We have begun learning about shapes! If you are wondering what these third graders are doing, they are making right angles with their bodies. I call this Geo Karate! We are learning all types of moves to remember the many terms we have to learn. 

 This week’s homework will touch on angles and have some multiplication review. Math homework due Friday!

Simple Machine work continues with Mrs. Hoogaboom.

Word Work
·      Dear Parent Letter comes home Thursday (Optional)
·      Spelling test on Friday

Our teaching points will focus on cause/effect relationships and problem vs solution text structures while reading non-fiction books.

Reading logs are due this week. New one goes on Wednesday!

These reading partners are working on finding the important parts of a non-fiction text so they can compare/contrast it to another text. 


Students have been taught all the parts of informational writing, now it is time to begin putting it all together. I will spent most of my time this week conferring so I can teaching your little writer where to go next and affirm their hard work already!
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