Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Curriculum Update


Happy New Year!

My New Year’s resolutions (or New Year’s good intentions) are often focused on being more organized, exercising, and eating better. Instead I’m taking up my advice from the folks at http://oneword365.com/. Instead of a list of resolutions, I am going to try and focus on one word. STILL! Those of you who know me well, know that this will be a HUGE challenge.

Christmas break gives this teacher time to be still, however, I am so used to my checklists. What I'm learning is that God calls me to be rooted in Him and that requires still time. As your third grader begins this 2017 year, know that my hope and prayer is for him/her is see the importance of being rooted in THE ONE true King Jesus Christ. Though I’m far from perfect, and need to continue to be still myself, I will do my best be intentional as we grow with one another throughout the remainder of this school year!

Your child will be learning all about the life of Moses this week. After researching and studying Egypt, the book of Exodus should really come alive! The focus will be on Exodus 1-3.

The life lesson that I continue to mention to your third grader is to have faith that God is always in control even if we cannot see it. Moses life is another example of this life lesson.

** New Bible Memory is going home this week.
(Psalm 121, Review from previous grades)


We will continue in unit 3 on measurement. This week we will begin learning to measuring time to the nearest minute on an analog clock.

Math Homework- Due Friday- Fact number search
This is supposed to be a fun activity to get your child’s brain in remembering those facts we have worked so hard on.

Word Work-Unit 12.

   We continue to expand our vocabularies during read aloud time with A Cricket in Times Square.
   We will be sorting y, and ly words.
    Test next week Friday, Jan. 13

Social Studies- (Mrs. Boekeloo)
Your third grader will be learning about the geography of Michigan this week. A study guide will be coming home for an upcoming test this week. 

Reading- Your child will begin a non-fiction reading unit this week. Collecting facts, and recording information read is what your child will be working on.
*** 300 Minute Reading logs can be returned this week. New one goes home today.


Your child will be writing their introduction to their informational writing paper. They will be looking at strong and weak examples to determine what they want their introduction to look and sound and then drafting.

Ways to help out in the Room

The longer I am a teacher the more it seems I would like to be doing and the fewer hours there seems to be in a day.  My experience at HCS so far has  taught me that I have wonderful parent support. So I have an  of opportunity for you!  This is not to make you feel like you have to…this is get you involved with as much or as little as you would like.  (NO PRESSURE don’t feel like you have to respond to any of these)

I am looking for parents to sign up on Thursdays starting at 10:30 and up to 2 hours making copies, filing, hang stuff, and checking off work. 

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