Sunday, January 22, 2017

Curriculum Update

This week we will learn about God's provision for the Israelites and also God's presence with the Israelites.  (We will also learned about God's provision for us and His presence with us!) The kids will learn about God's daily provision of bread, manna from Heaven, and God's instructions to only pick up a days worth - He will provide again tomorrow...  I wonder if Jeremiah was thinking of this when he penned the words above.... God's blessings are new every morning.  We can count on Him for our daily provision.  We never have to live on yesterday's blessings - they are new every day.  

 As a reflection, these third graders have placed themselves in the desert and have begun a desert diary. I have read through many and I love how they are able to experience the Bible through this type of reflection.

This week is a review of measurement with capacity, mass, length, time, and graphing. There will be a homework review sheet coming home tomorrow. This is a tool for you to see how well your child is grasping the types of questions that will be asked on the test. We take our Unit 3 test on Thursday.

Mrs. Hoogaboom will be teaching your third grader all about simple machines in their last science unit. They will begin this week by learning why they are important and how they work.

Word Work
·      We will be continue to talk about suffixes and how they change the meaning of our base words.
·      We will be sorting –er, ier words
·      Dear Parent Letter comes home Thursday (Optional)
·      Spelling test on Friday

Our teaching points will focus on non-fiction text structures. We have discussed sequence and description in writing and not we will take a look at compare/contrast and cause/effect relationships while reading non-fiction books.


We have created our introductions, sequence chapter, description, and now the lessons will focus on compare/contrast and conclusions. Hoping to have the full rough draft of their non-fiction books done this week!

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