Sunday, January 8, 2017

Curriculum Update


Moses’ was not a confident leader and we would not expect God to choose him to lead his people out of slavery through the wilderness. But God often chooses the weak and empowers them with his Spirit to accomplish his purposes. This week we will discuss how we are like Moses, armed with excuses, but we can trust that God will empower us.

Bible Memory, Psalm 121, is due January 20th


Your third grader is learning all about time to the minute. By the end of this week, they will have been taught how to read and write time in two ways. Using the language: quarter to, quarter past, and half past. Also, they will be learning about elapsed time. This means they will get a start time and end time. Then they will subtract the time to figure out the elapsed time. Sounds simple, right? I have a feeling it will be hard for them!

Math homework has 2 sides this week! Make sure to do both front and back.

Social Studies- 

Your child will be reviewing in class this week with Mrs. Boekeloo. A review sheet was sent home incase you want to go over it with your child before Tuesday’s test.

Test on Tuesday!!

Word Work-
  •       We continue to expand our vocabularies during read aloud time with A Cricket in Times Square.
  •       We will be identifying adjectives and adverbs.
  •       We will be sorting –er, -est, -ier, and iest words
  •       Dear Parent Letter comes home Thursday (Optional)
  •       Test on Friday


We are working on clumping our facts into clusters. Then your child will be synthesizing the information they have learned. Also, third graders will be assessed on their rate of reading and accuracy this week.


Your child will choose an expert topic and begin to introduce it in writing. After that, he/she will learn about the 3 types of informational writing: sequential, description, and compare/contrast. By the end of the week, your child will begin writing about one subtopic using a sequential format.  

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