Monday, February 6, 2017

Curriculum Update

We will be reviewing the 10 commandments, learn about the golden calf, how God forgives, and talk about how we can forgive others.

Bible Memory: The 10 commandments- Due this February 10.

We will be working on describing quadrilaterals (4 sided shapes) as well as applying perimeter and area equations to these shapes.

Math homework 6.4 due Friday!

Simple Machine Test with Mrs. Hoogaboom on Friday. A review sheet went home last week Friday. 

Word Work
    Subject/verb agreement sentence practice
    Dear Parent Letter comes home Thursday (Optional)
·      Spelling test on Friday

We will be reading different texts and considering the text structures within the text. This week I will be assessing student progress with our A-Z leveling system as well.


During WRITING WORKSHOP we have worked on non-fiction writing. If you think about it, most of the reading and writing that you and I do is nonfiction.  In almost every subject area of school your child will be asked to write nonfiction.  In the upcoming years your child will be assessed on state and national reading tests, history tests, science tests and college entrance exams based on his or her abilities to write nonfiction. 
Our current unit is important for all of these reasons, but most of all, it is important because children are being given the chance to teach each other what they know - these third graders have become the experts!  You should see how tall these children sit when they become the teachers, instructing others about babysitting, organizing, soccer rules, dogs, bunnies, legos, and art!  
This week we will finish publishing and share our work!

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