Saturday, February 18, 2017

Curriculum Update

Now that the Israelites have been in the wilderness, they have learned that they will wonder for 40 years and not see the promise land due to the sin they committed when they did not trust God. In this next week students will learn about Israelite worship, building of the tabernacle, and ark of the covenant.

In devotions, we are exploring our faith on a deeper level by interpreting the parable of the sower and relating it our lives.

Bible Memory: Psalm 8- Due Wednesday, March 8.

We will be finding the area of rectangles by decomposing big rectangles into smaller ones. We will work on story problems involving area and perimeter too!

Math homework is 2-sided this week. There is an attached page of our classroom chart to help jog your child’s memory if needed.

Social Studies
We are learning about the furry little critters (Beavers) that drew the French to Michigan! We will learn all about the trade business too! This week Wednesday is our Trade Day! Look for a note to be in your child’s binder about this event.

Word Work- NO Spelling Test this week!
·      Finish up tricky sentences with Subject/Verb agreement
·      Keep working on Inflected endings, word usuage, and homophones.

We are shifting gears from non-fiction to fiction. To do this we will begin Book Clubs. Students will select a series they are most interested in and be placed in a book club. Each group will make a plan, set a goal, and answer different comprehension questions throughout the week.


This week we will be drafting an “If I was president piece.” And finishing up our faith statements. I was hoping to share these faith statements with you at conferences, however, that may be stretching it since I was gone Friday. We will see how far we get.  

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