Monday, February 27, 2017

Curriculum Update

We will continue to learn about Israelite worship, the building of the tabernacle, and ark of the covenant. This week Wednesday students will be introduced to Ash Wednesday as it relates to Easter. 

Bible Memory: Psalm 8- Due Wednesday, March 8.

Our week will begin with Tangrams and end with our unit assessment.

Math homework goes home Tuesday and is due back Friday

Social Studies

We quickly understood scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost when it came to Trading Day, but how does that relate to Michigan and our natural resources? We will continue to tackle that question next week as we go and visit a Maple Syrup Farm and learn about the culture in the 1600-1700s.

Word Work
Spelling Test Friday
Keep working on Inflected endings, word usuage, and homophones.

In some units of study during third grade I focus heavily on word solving/fluency, and in others, I'm emphasizing comprehension. The unit Book Clubs focuses in the latter category. It aims to help readers stop, think, jot, and explain. It promotes conversation between students using phrases like: I agree with you because… or I’m still wondering about… This week students will begin another book in their chosen series. They will begin paying attention to the interactions and relationships among characters, notice problems characters are facing, and look for patterns between the books!


We have begun collecting ideas for our realistic fiction stories. This week we will act out some of our ideas and then write down more details. Also, we will learn to be patient so that our stories do not jump too quickly through time, Finally, if all goes well we will begin a multi-scene storyboard to develop our thoughts. It is much easier to re-sketch a picture than re-write and entire page. Keeping it real by having engaging lessons is so key as these kiddos begin to develop larger pieces of writing!

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