Sunday, March 12, 2017

Curriculum Update

We study the book of Numbers and learn that the Isarelites were ungrateful and faithless, rebelled against God and refused to enter Canaan. When the Israelites suggested that dying in the wilderness was better than fighting the Canaanites, God granted their wish.

Psalm 8- Each day we continue to commit to memory the beautiful words of this psalm. There are many who have said it already. I feel the students are ready to say this verse so their final due date is Wednesday, March 15.


We continue to work on fractions. This week we will at fractions larger than 1. We will locate fractions using fraction bars and number lines. We will discover fractions that are equivalent as well. 

Math homework is on a green sheet and due Friday! Take advantage of  We only have it for Your child punches in kkoetje and clicks on their name. The password is there student number. Our class used to be at 20 % fluency and now we are at 48%! Way to go. We are just about ½ way there.

Social Studies

We are working through the history of the 1800s in Michigan. There are many exciting events that take place during this time period. One being that Michigan territory joins the United States.

Word Work
Spelling Test Friday
We will be working on soft and hard /g/ and /c/ this week in our sorts.

Book Clubs are fully launched. Each day the groups get together and fine tune their comprehension strategies with connecting, questioning, inferring, comparing/contrasting, and retell! Round 2 is ready to wrap up. Clubs will now evaluate their work, make adjustments, and then begin their third book.

Reading slips- turn these in as you finish! I am counting the minutes and holding your child accountable for 300 minutes read this month.

If you child chooses to collect pledges, these sheets/money will be turned in by March 30.

In writing, students will begin using checklists for their realistic fiction stories. Then they will publish and begin their second piece!

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