Sunday, April 16, 2017

Curriculum Update

All of our lessons this week focused on Jesus' walk to the cross.  Take some time to review the Easter packet your child created in class this week and discuss the importance of each response. This was very meaningful for so many students.

This week we begin our next unit on Joshua!

Early this week, these third graders will be wrapping up our unit on fractions. Then we will begin our unit on place value. You will notice homework will be about place value. The homework should be review from last year’s place value unit.
Math homework- Look for purple sheet in your anchor folder .

Social Studies- We continue to explore the economic activities in Michigan from 1830’s-early 1900’s. This week we will be discussing the mining, transportation, automobile industry. There will be some historical content on slavery and The Great Depression as well. It will be nice to have had this covered because their will be a scavenger hunt at the museum that involves much of these content on our field trip. Look Review sheet for the upcoming test will go home Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Our test will be on Tuesday, April 25.

Word Work
We are working on verb endings
Spelling homework (optional)
Spelling test is Friday

We have been working on non-fiction reading strategies such as sorting important verse cool facts, highlighting details that relate to the main idea, and read, cover, remember, retell. This week we will compare different texts on the same topic. The topics will involve Slavery and The Great Depression so kids have some context for Social Studies lessons.


 We are writing a Michigan Essay. Last week third graders were able to brainstorm, choose topics, and write their introductions. This week some time will be spent researching their big ideas in the computer lab. They will highlight important facts and include them in their essay to prove what an amazing State Michigan is.

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