Sunday, April 23, 2017

Curriculum Update

The Israelites have crossed the Jordan River and into the land of Canaan. We will cover the battle of Jericho and beginning of life in the promised land this week.

Psalm 24- Wednesday, Due May 10

We will continue to study place value. Third graders will learn how to round numbers to the hundreds places as well as adding and subtracting through 1,000.
Math homework- Look for purple sheet in your anchor folder .

Social Studies- Our test will be on this week Tuesday, April 25.
We will talk about the branches of State government. We also have our Lansing trip scheduled for Thursday! Please see note in your child’s anchor folder for all the important information about this day!

Word Work
We are sorting words with different suffixes
Spelling homework (optional)
Spelling test is Friday

We are moving into a new unit. Students will be learning about all the elements of poetry this week.


 We are writing a Michigan Essay. Last week third graders were able to research facts, pull in their own mini stories and outline the body of their Michigan Essay. This week students will be drafting conclusions, revising, and publishing our work using the Chromebooks in google classroom.

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