Saturday, May 20, 2017

Curriculum Update

We will begin our last unit on the Judges.

Bible Memory: A few said Bible Memory to me orally on Friday, I extended the due date to Tuesday! I will be giving a fill-in-the-blank for Joshua 1:7-9 that day. This is the final memory verse of the school year.

This week we will be taking our assessment on Unit 4 and working with multistep story problems.

Using QR codes with scan app to gain feedback quickly! These children did very well working independently at this station. They had to read the story problem, figure out what operation it was asking them, solve, and then scan to see if they were correct. If not, they had to redo the problem. It was a challenging one! 

Social Studies- We will continue our work on the study of economics in Michigan. This week we learn about the products and how these products create jobs in Michigan. A review sheet will come home this week and a test will be given on Wednesday May, 31st.

This is a product game students played to get to know what products exist in Michigan and where they are located. 

To celebrate our study of Michigan Economics, we will be having a Michigan Foods Lunch this week Friday. If your child does not like pancakes, they make pack a separate lunch.  If you are able to, sign up to bring in or help out with our special lunch this Friday!

Word Work
We will keep reviewing language and usuage rules
Last spelling test of the school year is this Friday

We will be wrapping up our study on Poetry and begin our last unit called Fairytales, folktales, and fables, oh my! Students will be introduced to several versions of the Cinderella story and we will be comparing the texts to one another.

Boys vs Girls! Turn in those logs as you complete the flowers. I hope your child is enjoying the different reading activities!


 We will be writing poems this week and begin to organize our writing portfolios so we can reflect on the important work we created this year!

These portfolios are one of the special treasures your child will receive in 8th grade. Both spiritual reflections from this year will be placed in here. Its neat to see God's hand in the spiritual journeys your children are exposed to as I peeked through the folders :) 

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