Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Curriculum Update

We have learned that there is a cycle of behavior with the Israelite people. That they follow God, then are tempted by idols, they become enslaved, then cry for help, God sends a Judge and there is peace again! This week we will focus on Gideon and Samson.

Bible Memory: We are reviewing and saying the verses we have learned throughout the year together each day.

This week we will be learning two strategies for double digit by one digit multiplication. 

Social Studies- Thank you for all the help with the Michigan Food Day! It was a hit. We are much more aware of where our food comes from now. This week we will review and test. Then we will discuss some public issues as we finish the year.

Word Work
We are finishing our review language and usage rules

We will be comparing and contrasting versions of the Cinderella Story. We will also be reading fables and identifying their morals.

Boys vs Girls! Turn in those logs as you complete the flowers. I hope your child is enjoying the different reading activities!

 We are finishing out our portfolios this week. Then we will be reflecting on how we have seen God in each subject area throughout third grade together.

Tuesday-May 30
May Reading Log- boys vs girls

Wednesday-May 31

May Reading Log- boys vs girls is due!

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