Sunday, January 21, 2018

Curriculum Update

This week we will be reviewing for a test on Moses’ early life, the ten plagues, and the crossing of the Red Sea. A review sheet will be send home today. 

·      Bible Test on Friday
·      Bible Memory- No new memory verse until next week. 

Telling time elapsed time on a number line along with graphing using pictographs, bar graphs, and line plots will be on the agenda this week.
·      Look for a one-sided homework sheet to come home on Monday.

Social Studies
We are beginning our next unit of Michigan History. We will be discussing how Michigan became a state and the impact the British had on the United States and Michigan during this time. We will cover a little bit of U.S. history with George Washington's role in the Revolutionary War too. 

Word Work
We will be reading "If you Find a Rock" and learning about compound predicates using a sentence from this book.

  • ·      We will be identifying base words and suffixes.
  • ·      We will be sorting –tch and –ch words.
  • ·      Dear Parent Letter comes home Thursday (Optional)
  • ·      Spelling test on Friday

We continue to focus our time on characterization in a story. We have been reading The Chalkbox Kid independently and listening to Because of Winn-Dixie. Both stories teach us to build theories about our characters. Our lessons include: 
  • Revising our theories about characters.
  • Noticing how characters act in surprising ways.
  • Characters face struggles or turning points that become turning points. 


We have created our introductions, sequence chapter, description chapter and now our teaching points will focus on how to write the compare and contrast chapter to our non-fiction books. I took folders home this weekend and wrote comments to help move these 3rd graders along in the process of writing. A few examples are below so you can see how they are turning out. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Curriculum Update


Moses’ was not a confident leader and we would not expect God to choose him to lead his people out of slavery through the wilderness. But God often chooses the weak and empowers them with his Spirit to accomplish his purposes. This week we will discuss how we are like Moses, armed with excuses, but we can trust that God will empower us. We will be discussing the plagues, passover, and the exodus. 

  • Bible Memory, Psalm 121, is due January 19. 
  • Review Sheet will come home Wednedsay. Test on Tuesday, Jan. 23rd.


Your third grader is learning all about time to the minute. By the end of this week, they will have been taught how to read and write time in two ways. Using the language: quarter to, quarter past, and half past. Also, they will be learning about elapsed time. This means they will get a start time and end time. Then they will subtract the time to figure out the elapsed time. Sounds simple, right? I have a feeling it will be hard for them!

Math homework has 2 sides this week! Make sure to do both front and back.

Social Studies- 

 Last week we heard all about the first major economic activity in Michigan: Fur Trading. If anyone has fur pelts, feel free to bring them in for show and tell. This week we will continue learning about the first missionaries and learn what "The Pursuit of Happiness" means. 

  • Review Sheet comes home Monday! Test this Friday, Jan. 19. 

Word Work-Unit 14

        Dear Parent Letter comes home Thursday (Optional)
         Test on Friday


We are working on knowing how to build therories about characters we meet in stories. Students are reading books and using texts on kindles. Crazy to think that reading is becoming more online these days. Some still prefer a regular book though! 

 Also, third graders will be assessed on their rate of reading and accuracy this week.


Your child has chosen an expert topic and begin to introduce it in writing. Last week we begin planning, analyzing, and drafting sequential paragraph using rubrics and checklists to become more independent as writers.  This week we will be focusing on descriptive paragraph in the body of our expert topic. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Curriculum Update

Your child will be learning all about the life of Moses this week. We will be stopping and discussing Moses and his life's circumstances along the way. After researching and studying Egypt, the book of Exodus should really come alive! 

The life lesson that I continue to mention to your third grader is to have faith that God is always in control even if we cannot see it. Moses life is another example of this life lesson. 

** New Bible Memory is going home this week. 
(Psalm 121, Review from previous grades)


We will continue in unit 3 on measurement. This week we will begin learning to measuring time to the nearest minute on an analog clock. 

Math Homework- Look for it next Monday!

Spelling-Unit 13. Frequent spelling for long e. 

Social Studies- We are shifting back into Michigan History. We will be learning all about the fur trading business and how it was the first major economic activity in Michigan.  

Reading-We are beginning a new unit called: Characters Have Meaning. I will be reading the book, Because of Winn-Dixie to your third grader. As I read, I will modeling how to visualize what is going on in a story. Then your third grader will be reading, The Chalk Box Kid, and applying these same strategies in their book. 

Writing- Egypt posters are on display inside and outside the classroom. If you have a chance to walk down our end of the hallway, come check them out. 

We are beginning our PERSONAL EXPERTISE piece of writing. Your third grader will be creating an informational book about something they are an expert on. I love this piece of writing because I get to know students on such a personal level when I learn what they are highly interested in telling me all about. I will be using strong and weak examples to help your third grader take ownership and develop the independence needed to become an informational writer. 

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