Sunday, November 12, 2017

Curriculum Update

Thank you to all of you who so willingly gave wipes and kleenexes last week. I am hoping these last us through Christmas. Also, a big thank you to the parents who helped on our field trip last week. It was a great time of fun and learning about forces and motion with air and space.   

Field trip- This week Tuesday our 3rd graders were invited to attend a music event at the Celebration Cinema on the East Beltline. This is a quick trip and there is no need for parent volunteers. The kids will be seeing Bill Vits and learn about his experiences with music in the Grand Rapids Symphony. 

Growing in Faith 
Growing in faith together is the beautiful part I get to incorporate into my plans and just allow the spirit to guide me with each week as I teach your third grader. This last week your child had the opportunity to name one person who has showed them Jesus in their life. These were written as thankful prayers and posted on our wall outside the classroom. We named them "Thankful Pockets" Inside each pocket is a name of one person you child is hoping and praying for this year to show Jesus to. 

Another thing that has been happening each month is preschool buddies.  We have been meeting up with preschool buddies on Fridays once a month. As we have helped our preschool friends learn how to cut, sit, listen, and clean up, we have begun to nature their faith development too! Through examples and encouragement notes, we hope to continue this relationship with our preschool friends all year.  

Jacob will be going into Egypt in our Bible stories this week and his life resembles the one of Jesus Christ... I love how this is worded in The Jesus Storybook Bible... One day, God would send another Prince, a young Prince whose heart would break. Like Joseph, he would leave his home an his Father. His brothers would hate him and want him dead. He would be sold for pieces of silver. He would be punished even though he had done nothing wrong. But God would use everything that happened to this young Prince - even the bad things - to do something good: to forgive the sins of the whole world.

Bible Memory- Psalm 100 is due next Tuesday 

 Luke 2:1-14 is due December 15. Verses 6-14 were learned in 2nd grade.  
Check out this my audioboom podcasts for your kids to listen to if they are more auditory. 

Egypt Day- Is coming soon! This day will take place in December.  Your child will dress up like an Egyptian. Start asking past parents to borrow costumes. If you do not have anyone to reach out to, and do not want to be purchasing one more thing during this season, let me know. We have had things donated to us. Stay tuned after thanksgiving break about this event. 

Math: Students continue to practice those 6's, 7's, and 8's. We will be learning about square numbers and work through 2-step word problems this week. 

   Homework is three green lights on reflex!

Word work: We are working on Unit 8 which covers ci, ss, ce spelling patterns. We will also be working on sentence structures with subjects and predicates. Students will learn how to build bigger sentences too!

  • Homework is optional and you will find it on the back of the spelling list. 


Reading:   We are finding facts and listing the ones we remember on sticky notes. We will be practicing main idea and supporting details as well. 
  • I can list facts I remember on sticky notes
  • I can sort important vs interesting facts.
  • I can locate the main idea sentence in a paragraph.
  • I can support main ideas with key details from the text. 


Writing:  This week we will be practicing our speaking and listening skills by using an app called Audioboom. Students will create a podcast of their stories with me that they can share. These will be posted at conferences on their lockers with QR code readers for you to listen to. 

Also this week, we will be organizing facts about Egypt and outlining our ideas into organizers. 

Monday- P.E.
Tuesday- No Music, field trip
Wednesday- Spanish
Thursday- Art
Friday- P.E. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Curriculum Update

In Language Arts and Bible we will be learning about Ancient Egypt so that we can better understand what life was like for Joseph and the Israelites who lived there. Students will be assigned a topic and come an expert on topics such as: Egyptian jobs and careers, the Nile River, Egyptian gods, dress and cosmetics, pyramids, Pharaoh, hieroglyphics, and family life.


We are studying the life of Jacob and his sons.  
  • Our new memory verse is Psalm 100 and it is Due November 21
Spelling- Unit 8, Spelling City listed have been added to my name if you enjoy practicing spelling on this site. 
  • Homework: Dear Parent letter (optional), on the back of the spelling list!

Reading Non-Fiction is what we are beginning to do. Here are the lessons we will cover:

  • Finding non-fiction text features
  • Paraphrasing
  • Supporting the main idea with key details
  • Fitting new information into our thinking


Our personal narrative class book is complete. I sent it in the mail last week and it should arrive to us by the beginning of December. Now we are beginning our informational writing unit. This will be a cross curricular unit with Bible and Reading! Our focus this week:

  • This week we will select topics from Ancient Egypt
  • Find facts and take notes
  • Outline sections of text


We will be exploring friction this week using a book called: Herman's Moving Experience by Nancy Karre. We will study:

  • The effect of motion
  • How friction is related to balanced and unbalanced forces

We will begin Unit 2 on Multiplication of 6's,7's, and 8's. Keep up the great work with fact fluency on reflex! Kids are really progressing! 

  • Homework is to get 3 green lights by Friday. 

Specials this week

·                Monday- Art
·                Tuesday- PE
·                Wednesday- Music
·                Thursday- No Specials do to field trip.
·                Friday- Art

Monday, October 23, 2017

Curriculum Update


We will begin studying The Patriarch's, Isaac and Jacob. 

I'm thankful the Bible holds stories of changed hearts. God restores brokenness.  The kids are learning that God holds to His promises that He made to Abraham and keeps and fulfills His promises to His people.  I'm so grateful. He is good. The promises of salvation and eternal life extend to us as God's children! Amen

  • Review Psalm 23 Bible Memory is Due Nov 3, There is a game on the back of the Bible Memory paper that will come home if needed. 
Spelling- Unit 7, Spelling City listed have been added to my name if you enjoy practicing spelling on this site. 
  • Homework: Dear Parent letter (optional)

I am so proud of how hard your kids have been working on their reading habits. They have used checklists, set goals, and created podcast book recommendations for others to listen to. This week we begin a new unit. We will be utilizing our new 3rd grade chrome books to log into "Epic." Epic is an on-line reading system that allows kids to choose a variety of books in their level. I can even assign or recommend books right to their mailbox! Informational Reading will surely be exciting or "EPIC."  Click the link in my newsletter to go directly to this site. The class code is: EHZ-2963
  • Return October Reading Log for Pizza Hut Coupon
  • New November Reading Log goes home next Monday. 


Another thing I am so proud of is the hard work these third graders have poured into their personal narrative stories. This week we will be publish our writing. Students will be publishing with a company called "Student Treasures." This company supplies a hard cover copy of each story in our class. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of our class book, there will be a sample and forms in the classroom to look at. Otherwise, you can preorder with the form I send home this week. 


We will continue to test different object and gain more perspective on the forces and interactions with motion. Topics include direction, speed, gravity, and friction this week. 

We will begin Unit 2 on Multiplication of 6's,7's, and 8's. Keep up the great work with fact fluency on reflex! Kids are really progressing! 

  • Homework is to get 3 green lights by Friday. 

Specials this week

  • Monday- Art
  • Tuesday- PE
  • Wednesday- Music
  • Thursday- Spanish
  • Friday- NO Specials, GP day

SO, so blessed!

Thirty Five days… that’s how many days our class has had school. In those days, giggles and laughter have been present. Tears have been wiped.  Endless band-aids have been applied. Hugs have been given. Great learning has taken place, and God has been present EVERY step of the way!  Thirty five days… and my heart couldn’t be more blessed with twenty-two kiddos who are handmade by the God of the universe. So, so blessed!  I look forward to watching these third graders grow spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically in the next thirty-five days… and beyond!  Please continue to pray daily for our class!  God is doing incredible things in their lives, and I get a front row seat to seeing it happen!  So, so blessed!!! 

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