Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Classroom rules

We started with what do you see, think, wonder about this classroom?

Then we came up with our own rules

We color coded each rule into 4 types of rules and choose the most important ones in groups.

Finally, learned heard how sun affects our relationships with each other, created four statements, and committed to trying our best to like Jesus! 

As parents, one of the simplest ways you can help this year is to partner with me each week/day/ or when you think of our classroom. We need your encouragement and support as we continue to do life in 3rd grade. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First Day

Mrs. Koetje's 3rd grade class

What a great first day of third grade! Thank you for your prayers for your child and our classroom going into today! We will be spending the rest of the week familiarizing ourselves with the classroom, developing rules, practicing classroom routines, and getting to know one another.  
Just a few notes about the rest of the week.
Your child’s ANCHOR folder should come back and forth between home and school each day.  I will check it daily so if there is anything you want to communicate to me or the office that is a great spot for it. 

If your child forgot a summer object, they can still bring it tomorrow. We will finish presenting them the next two days.

So far this week....NO HOMEWORK. 

Learning about each other using adjectives

These are the adjectives that describe us using the first letter of our name.

Our First Faith Reflection kids responded to our theme by saying..."I will be the one who...." Here are some of their responses. 

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