Sunday, November 27, 2016

Homework Log-November 28

Monday-Nov. 28 

   7's Math homework goes home
   Read at home 15 minutes
   Review Luke 2:5-10
   Review for science test (class time review happens today too)
   practice 3rd grade core words

Tuesday-Nov. 29

   Read at home 15 minutes
   Practice Luke 2:5-10
   Review for science test (class time review happens today too)
   practice 3rd grade core words

Wednesday-Nov. 30

   Test in Science today
   Spelling homework (optional)
   Read at home 15 minutes
   Practice Luke 2:5-10
   Practice 3rd grade core words (we will review together in class this day)

Thursday- Dec. 1, Egypt Day

   Return spelling homework
   Read at home 15 minutes
   Read over Psalm 100
   practice 3rd grade core words

Friday- Dec. 2, Love Baazar

   7’s Math Homework Due
   Unit 9 Spelling Assessment  
   Bible Memory (Luke 2:5-10) Due

   Read at home 15 minutes

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Curriculum Update

Our devotional theme for this month will be "Lighting up the world with Kindness" - based on Ephesians 4:32 -"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." As we learn about Egypt and begin to learn more about Jacob’s life, we wonder why Jacob...

  • did not fuss and fight.
  • was kind to people in prison.
  • found good in everything.
  • forgiving to his brothers who traded him in. 

Starting December 1. We will be doing random acts of kindness leading up to our 12 days before Christmas. Some of the acts your child will be involved in include: Making kindness snowflakes to hand around school, posting compliments on bathroom mirrors, smiling at someone new, passing out candy canes, making cookies for staff, and delivering cards to the Loreal's in our community.  I absolutely love Christmas.  Even though it can be a stressful time, I think it is a holiday that has the potential to bring out the best in people. 

Students created a movie trailer to introduce their Egyptian topic using 3 facts. Groups will present 6 facts and write down what they have learned from other presentations as well. We are worked on research, technology, and team work. Now we are learning speaking and listening skills!

*Bible Memory is Due Friday, Luke 2:5-10. We will recited it everyday in class. Please work on it at home too! (posted on FB group the audiobook for this)

The annual 3rd grade Egypt day is this week Thursday. A reminder form will be send home Monday with these reminders.
  1. Children should come to school on Thursday dressed like and Egyptian.
  2. Class Egyptian pictures will begin at 8:00am
  3. Our feast will take place snack time, so your child will still need a lunch.
  4. Also, please send along one roll of toilet paper for your child to use for our mummy activity

I just wanted to add my thanks for your attendance to P-T conferences last week. If there is any additional item you need more information on, please feel free to contact me. I appreciated the opportunity to show the growth these students have already accomplished this year.

We will be working heavily on story problems. These problems will be more challenging as they will be two-step problems. Students will read, write an equation, answer, and label all problems. They will also be creating their own story problems.

*Math Homework: 7’s multiplication practice goes home Monday.

SCIENCE-(Mrs. Caryl)- test this week on light. Review sheet was sent home last week. If you need another please e-mail Mrs. Caryl at 

Unit 9 begins Monday and I will assess on Friday this week. We will be sorting /ar/air/are patterns as well as learn about homophones.

*Dear parent letter goes home on Wednesday

We will be meeting in small groups to work on identifying main idea and support details in passages we read. Students will read about Ancient Egypt, highlight little details, and find the big main idea together. 

* Monthly reading logs are due this week. Please return them by Friday.

We are working on typing our essays this week. If all goes well, we will hold our second Writers Celebration at the end of the week. In our writer’s celebration, groups will form in assigned places to meet. Essays will be shared and positive written comments will be written to each author. 

LOVE BAAZAR- Friday is our annual Love Baazar. (note went home a week or so ago) If your child chooses to participate, we will shop from 1:30-1:55. Please prepare using the checklist below:

  • ·      Have your tags labeled
  • ·      Money in envelope labeled.
  • ·      Bag to carry gifts home.
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