Sunday, March 26, 2017

Curriculum Update

Spirit-Filled Moments
Your third grader has a beautiful faith. It is such a privilege to have a front seat is seeing it grow and develop. God is present. He is Christ, He is our Comforter. Our Savior.

These Faith Journals come home at the end of the year! It is so cool to read all that has been going on in each ones heart as they learn the word, love the word, and follow the word of God!

We will be reviewing and taking the unit 6 test on Tuesday. The remainder of the week we will focus on the Easter story.

Psalm 24- The first part is going smooth. The last section is more difficult. It is Due April 14 


Problem Solving with fractions this week. Also, I will give a post assessment on facts to have another data point on fact fluency! Our 30-day reflex trial is over. I know a lot of fluency was gained. Our class ended up 70% fluent overall. When we started our class was only 20% fluent!

Math homework- No homework this week

Reflex Math reports will come home for you this week. This will allow you to see what facts your child still needs to work on. 

STEM- stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. This week your child has chosen 4 stem activities to be a part of between 12:50-2:30 each day. He/She will move to a stem station and work with a 3-5 teacher or parapro team on a challenge. There is a lot of thinking, but the part kids enjoy the most is the hands on learning and collaborating! I hope they gush about their experiences to you this week!

Word Work
No Spelling this week!

To wrap up March is reading month we have a few things…

1.)     We are learning about Tom Angleburger and his wife Cece. They are an author/illustrator combo team. They are also married. Tom will be skyping with us on Wednesday. Your third grader is excited about this because he will be doing a little origami with them too!
2.)   Reading slips- Turn in your pledge sheets if your child/family committed to reading for Jubilee School in Honduras. These need to be turned in by Thursday this week.


 70% of the class has published their realistic fiction stories, while the other 30% is working on another project. We are hoping to finish and celebrate before the week is over!

Homework Log

Monday-March 27
Study for Bible Test tomorrow!
Practice Bible Memory
Reading minutes for March Book it- turn in slips!

Tuesday-March 28
Bible Test
Reading minutes for March Book it- turn in slips!

Wednesday-March 29
Reading minutes for March Book it- turn in slips!

Thursday- March 30
4 slips for reading are due for the month. Pledge turn in is optional and due today.

Friday- April 1- No School

Monday, March 20, 2017

Curriculum Update

We will be closing out unit 6 this week. A review sheet will go home on Tuesday. Test will be the following Tuesday, March 28.

Matthew 28:1-10- Due on Good Friday, April 14


Fractions will continue this week. We have been locating fractions using fraction bars and number lines. This week we will be comparing fractions using fraction bars. We will continue to discover fractions that are equivalent.

Math homework- Green sheet will go home on Monday!

Social Studies

Third graders will take an open note, open book test this week on the history 1800s in Michigan. Then we will be diving into the Pioneer life and learn the impact the white pine tree had on Michigan history!

Word Work
Spelling Test Friday
Compound Sentences with conjunctions. Heard of FANBOYS?
For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So. We will be learning all about them this week!

Book Clubs will continue and students will be able to choose another series this week as they finish round 3.

Reading slips- turn these in as you finish! Many have come in already. Each time you turn in a slip, I tally up your reading minutes. So far, our class has read 32 hours this month. I would love 4 X 22= 88 hours! Keep going!

If you child chooses to collect pledges for Jubliee School in Honduras, these sheets/money will be turned in by March 30.


Third graders are publishing their realistic fiction stories on Chrome books this week.
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